Establishing Fault For An Accident in Los Angeles

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Establishing Fault For a Car Accident in Los Angeles

Most of us have heard of this: sitting at a red light, waiting patiently for the light to turn so that you can get on with your day when…WHAM! Rear ended! In Los Angeles you see situations like this all of the time, and when it happens like that it is easy to know who is at fault. However most accidents aren’t so cut and dry. If you have been involved in an car or truck accident in Los Angeles when both of the cars are in motion, the moments after the accident can seem like they are happening to somebody else. But this time is absolutely crucial in determining whose insurance company has to pay, and whose premiums get hiked up. Here are some tips that can help you establish just who is at fault and claim car accident settlements in Los Angeles.

1. Pay Attention to What is Said

In the heat of a car accident in Los Angeles people can¬†inadvertently¬†admit their guilt. If the other driver says things like “I didn’t see you!” or “I’m sorry I hit your car!” Then that is an admission of fault and record it for later. Likewise, make sure that you do not admit guilt. If you do speak to the other driver, just exchange insurance information. Do not start talking about whose fault it was.

2. How Did the Accident Occur?

If the car was in a rear end collision, then the car in the rear is usually at fault. If one of the cars was making a left hand turn, then that car is usually at fault. Things can be hectic after an accident and things can be forgotten. During your first opportunity diagram exactly how the accident happened. This will come in handy later when proving fault.

3. Note Any Citations that are Made

If there is an officer on scene, then they probably will write a citation if any law was violated. If not, then make a personal note about any laws that were broken.

4. Speak to Witnesses

Talk to any witnesses who were at the scene. They could offer you an objective opinion about what occurred. They might be willing to go on the record with a statement on your behalf.

I hope these tips will help you out if you are ever in this unfortunate situation. Make sure that the first thing you do is contact a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles so that you can file a claim. In an accident when you are not at fault, time is of the essence.